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Green Woodworking

Join us at Mount Wolfe Farm for an afternoon of spoon carving, every 1st Sunday of the Month, 1-3pm EST. 
This is a social event for those who have attended our Spoon Carving (Introduction to Green Woodworking) Workshop or have some experience. Bring your project, a beverage of choice, and a tale or two. If you dont learn anything you will have a good time!
Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 858 554 0866
Passcode: 5530



Mount Wolfe Spoon Club

Working with Wood
Humans have  been working  wood for at least 5000 years and until   relatively  recently producing most everyday needs from tools  to utensils, building and fuel for cooking. Wood is infinitely renewable when properly managed and every tree species has its own  unique property of use.
The interest in caring for woodlands increases year on year, driven perhaps by the  balance of mental challenge, aesthetic appreciation and steady physical work that can result in great satisfaction for the worker. The sense too of being a custodian of an ancient craft drives us into the woods to create with care and consideration for trees, and for those who seek to follow in our footsteps.
Spoon Carving
The first steps into green woodworking- using freshly cut or unseasoned  wood-  are best taken through practising simple cutting techniques which can be achieved through spoon carving. The joy of carving a spoon   is not to be underestimated! From the freshly cut wood, understanding   its properties and using axe and knives to shape, combining the vision in your head with what the wood wants to be- it can become a consuming  passion. Like a game of chess, its easy to learn the moves, but mastery only comes with practice. You can carve spoons practically anywhere-either alone or with friends. 
Moving On
Once you have begun your green woodworking journey you can develop your skills through the creation of bowls, plates, cutting boards, stools and chairs to name but a few. The construction of a shaving horse and pole lathe will help you create beautiful objects for your daily use or as gifts for friends and family. Check back soon for workshops.
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